Friday, 20 April 2012

Send Free SMS Through Internet

Gone are the days when each one of us every time used to buy SMS packages. Now a days internet has become buzzword and off-course why not? It is providing us number of facilities which really work well for us in almost everywhere. One of best gift given to us is “internet messaging”. Using this service, you can send unlimited free SMS to whomsoever you wish to send. Some websites allow you to send SMS within your country while some may allow you to send messages globally.

Many times we are too busy in our day to day schedule. In such cases, it is very monotonous for us to take out mobile phone, type a message and then send it after selecting one or many contacts. Rather than doing all this we can simply login to free SMS site and then can send SMS in just few clicks. These websites offer number of facilities like send bulk SMS or group SMS to various friends, relatives or colleagues. You can also maintain address book of your all contacts. Secondly you can maintain personal dairy for writing any note or yours thoughts. You can even find here beautiful birthday messages, good morning SMS and text messages for various festivals. To take advantage of these facilities, all you need to do is just register yourself on the site in just few steps.

The registration process is fairly simple. You just need to fill basic information like your first name, last name, e-mail ID and your mobile number. The password will be sent to your number and you will get confirmation link on your e-mail ID. You need to click on this link to confirm your account. Once all this is done, you can send free SMS to anyone and anywhere.


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